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Support Autism Awareness


Make a difference for the different.


Support autism awareness, education, advocacy and provide assistance to persons and families living with autism by making a donation to these reputable South African charity organizations.

Autism Western Cape

Els For Autism

The Puzzle Foundation

If you are on the autistic spectrum or work for an organization that helps those with autism  and would like to suggest a reputable charity organization to add to the above list, please feel free to contact Dale Halvorsen:

A visitor to my site kindly asked that I include this helpful online safety guide for those on Spectrum. I think it's a handy resource. I plan to create a separate page for 'Autism Lifehacks' but for now I've included it here:

A Helpful Online Safety Guide for People With Autism Spectrum Disorders

I found the section on "Sensory Overload On The Internet" helpful in regards to my own life (unexpected music and auto-playing videos are my kryptonite).

On the subject of sensory overload, I was also sent this guide by a visitor to my site. She is a mother with a 9-year-old  daughter who is on the autism spectrum. Her daughter is very sensitive to noises and smells, so she wrote the guide below as helpful resource. Explaining sensory overload to those not on the spectrum can be a challenge. This guide provides an easy to understand explanation as well as some helpful practical advice. If your are on the spectrum the sections on managing and avoiding sensory overload has some handy tips.

Sensory Overload

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