A grieving Kara finds a mysterious handwritten spell book containing a ritual that promises to bring her lover back from the dead. But how far is she willing to go to get her happily ever after? A queer modern gothic that explores the dark heart of love, desire and obsession.

The Outcast Hours (Solaris Press, 2019)

Includes This Book Will Find You. Written by Dale Halvorsen , Lauren Beukes and Sam Beckbessinger.

What if the horror movies of the 1980s were real? Where are those kids today?

The haunted house, the demonic doll, the cursed video game, the monstrous neighbor, the vengeful ghost, the killer imaginary friend…in 1987 a wave of horrors struck communities around the globe. Six traumatized kids survived those events, and grew up haunted by what happened to them. Thirty years later, their demons are coming to light and they’ll be forced to confront each other’s nightmares.

Out to bring a genocidal, blood-sucking warlord to Justice (and collect the substantial bounty of course. No good deed goes unpaid.) Durham Red and Johnny Alpha are hunting down survivors to testify against him. All is not as it seems though. Can they trust anyone, including each other? One thing is certain, someone is walking into a trap – but who?

In a post apocalyptic future, Amantha accompanies her father to a twisted version of an ice hockey game.
An annual ritual meant to celebrate humanity's victory over a race of Kaiju eons ago. As the ultra-violent game unfolds and something ancient stirs beneath the ice, a horrified Amantha begins to realize who the real monsters truly are... 


Survivors' Club (Vertigo, 2015 - 2016)

Written by Dale Halvorsen and Lauren Beukes.

Co-created by Dale Halvorsen, Lauren Beukes & Ryan Kelly.

Editor: Shelly Bond.
Cover art: Bill Sienkiewicz.
Artist/Inker: Ryan Kelly.

Artist: Inaki Miranda.
Colourist: Eva de la Cruz.
Letterer: Clem Robins.
Inker: Mark Farmer.

The full set of nine covers for Survivors' Club.

Art: Bill Sienkiewicz

2000 AD 40th Anniversary Special (2017)

Written by Dale Halvorsen and Lauren Beukes.

Artist: Carlos Ezquerra

Letterer: Simon Bowland

Durham Red created by John Wagner,
Alan Grant & Carlos Ezquerra

Strange Sports Stories (Vertigo, 2015)

Written by Dale Halvorsen and Lauren Beukes.

Editor: Rowena Yow.
Artist: Christopher MItten.
Colourist: Eva de la Cruz.
Letterer: Dezi Sienty.

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