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Cover by Vince Haig

Girls of Little Hope


A chilling tale of monsters, teen angst and small-town America for fans of Stranger Things, The Thing,
and the 1990s.

"If Judy Blume wrote Twin Peaks.

A gut - wrenching tour of the museum of misery in a small town America."

Diane Awerbuck.

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Unconventional and unprolific horror author (and internationally award-winning book cover designer-slash-graphic designer-slash-illustrator known formerly as Joey Hi-Fi) is a firm believer in the power of creative partnerships and the saying “the creative couple that stays together. slays together”. Although a loner, he loves collaboration. He enjoys deconstructing stories for fun and then trying to reassemble them in new ways. At home he wears his socks inside out, is overly obsessed with pockets and collects way too many toys for someone his age. He is proudly autistic (and has officially been diagnosed late in life. Twice. But a certificate would come in handy.). Despite the stigma (it exists. Google the "uncanny valley effect") and the misinformation online (yes, autistic people can read and write),  he believes autistic voices in literature are important, because they observe and process the world differently. Their writing offers unique perspectives. Autistic writers who learn to capitalize on autism's favorable traits and manage the more challenging ones can thrive in this profession but do so in unconventional ways.

Autistic people are 1% of the population and growing, give us a voice please, do not silence it. You might find the next Stephen King or Shirley Jackson. We're "different, not less".


Support autism awareness, education, advocacy and provide assistance to persons and families living with autism by making a donation to these reputable South African charity organizations. Thank you.

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